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The Perfect Gift For a Little One!

#1. Most Comfortable Toddler Socks 

  • With Anti-slip grippers grabbing to every surface - They are the ideal non-slip tootsies!

  • Specially designed to remain snug on the baby's feet - No more vanishing baby socks! The elastic support band gently attaches to the ankles to provide comfort, support and safety.

  • Made from the softest breathable & High quality cotton - Regulates warmth and dissipates perspiration. This way your baby's feet stay dry and super comfortable in summer.

"The brand touts its "Stay-On" design as the special sauce behind socks that actually stay on"

As an explorer, your child is set out to discover the world around him. These Colorful and adorable Tootsie Socks™ function as wonderful and comfortable foot companions to take the first steps both inside and outside! 

With beautiful animal faces on the toes, Your baby's feet are nicely dressed. The pastel colors have been chosen to brighten up any baby outfit, in any season! Deer, owl, brown bear, panda or raccoon ... which of the beautiful faces will melt your heart?



"They are an ingenious combination of shoes, socks and slippers in one for the best wearing comfort."

No more vanishing socks! 

The socks are made of the softest cotton to respect the sensitive skin of babies. The elastic support band gently attaches to the ankles to provide comfort, support and safety. Thanks to the high-quality materials, the socks stay in place all day long.

Six Lovely Color Patterns & Animals

The cute animal face designs (bear! or raccoon!) sure help you solicit smiles on planes. Since they’re so comfortable, these socks will also be less likely to incite your baby into a kicking match to attempt to loosen them.

Non-slip grippers on the soles help with crawling and toddling when that begins, too.

Thanks to their small studs, the socks grip any type of floor such as parquet, tile or even linoleum and are the ideal non-slip slippers. Result? A happy baby and reassured parents.


Where do your products ship from and how fast is shipping? 

This product ships out from our warehouse in the United States. We are currently experiencing a very high demand for this product. Please allow 7 to 15 Business days for your package to be delivered. 

We use USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx and DHL for deliveries inside the United States and abroad.

Which bundles can I choose from? 

We sell this product in 3 bundle variations: 6, 12 or 18 pairs. In the 12 and 18 bundle packages you receive duplicates of all the 6 animal variants. All pairs are individually wrapped! Perfect to hand out as a gift. 

Which sizes can I choose from? 

We carry two sizes according to the infant's age: 1-3 years and 3-5 years. 
1-3 years covers size: 4.5 to 9. 
3-5 years covers size: 9 to 12.5.
Please specify your size when choosing your bundle below. Due to the socks stretch they generally fit very well across the whole age range specified.

Are they machine washable?

They are machine washable. 30 degrees Celsius

What is your return policy?
We have a no nonsense 30 day return policy. If you want to return your item. We'll get you a replacement or refund in a snap! simply contact us at, and we'll send you instructions.
What are your payment options?
Safe Checkout with Creditcard or PayPal

When sold out: How long before new stock comes in? 

We are happy to say that we just received new stock! However, this product is highly popular, therefore we cannot guarantee future stock. 

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$139.80 $46.95
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  • You get 12 pairs!
  • that's 6 extra pairs for only 9$
  • The socks are individually wrapped, makes for the perfect gift! 💕



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$198.70 $59.95
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  • The socks are individually wrapped, makes for the perfect gift!



My grandson absolutely loves them!

This batch of socks are dainty and elegant with a variety of hidden treasures! My grandson's floors are hardwood and stone tile, therefore the grip spots underneath the foot of the sock alleviates the skid and fall potential. Best of all, they stay on his feet! Best socks ever...ever...ever.

- Peter H-

Our four daughters love them

I love these socks, amazing prints and vibrant colors! I like how each pair has several different colors on each sock, it makes it easy to match up with different outfits. The quality is absolutely great, they have held up to a lot of washing.

-Suzan O-

My son loves the owl and deer!

"Packaged nicely! The socks are soft and grips are great. Great price for the number of socks you get and the designs are insanely cute.

- Nina P-

Love the grippers

"They have cute designs and the grip stuff on the bottom is awesome for my little one who is just getting on her feet. 

I just love the colors! My daughter is learning to identify colors now so it's fun to have all these different color socks to learn with as we get dressed.The socks are also good quality. You will not regret this purchase."

-Sandra M-

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